Coet One Sheet Shoulder Bag 單肩包/單車包 - 三色可選

NT$ 2,500.00

Coet One Sheet Shoulder Bag 單肩包/單車包 



這個One Sheet Shoulder Bag的設計,靈感來自京都僧侶使用的傳統布袋。

Shoulder Bag由一塊過合成皮縫製而成。 


為了更簡潔,邊緣用上raw cut設計,更隨性。


100% 日本製造 

尺寸:主體 W32cm H26cm D8cm 

手抽長 78cm

Light-weight, comfortable bag representing COET's message. 

Since its release in 2006, the ONE SHEET series has has been COET’s top seller. 

This product has a strap of 78cm, which is the right size to wear it. 

This bag also works well when you are riding a bicycle as a cross body bag.

Of course you can also hang it from one shoulder and look very good.

This bag is unlined, and is made to look as if it was seamless. 

It is strong enough to carry around 4kg. 

However, heavy weight could stretch the fabric, making the 'R' part of the handle can slightly curl inwards. 

This is part of the design concept and we hope you use it with this understanding.

It is synthetic leather, which feels similar to natural hide, but is waterproof. 

Made In Japan

Size:Main body W32cm X H26cm X G8cm

Handle 78cm in length